The unreleased episodes of BFDI Survivor consisted of episodes 21 to 26. They were not uploaded, for some reason.

Episodes 21-26
Season 1, Episode 21-26
Uploaded N/A
Contestant(s) elimintated Episode 21 Match
Episode 22 Coiny
Ice Cube saved him by quitting
Episode 23 Coiny AGAIN
Episode 24 Rocky AGAIN
Episode 25 Tennis Ball
Episode 26 Flower
Challenge Episode 21 Crossword
Episode 22 Staring contest
Episode 23 Big Brother special
Dangerous platform
Pie eating contest (again)
Episode 24 Grid challenge The Speaker said that the challenge is "unexplainable, and that it had to be edited"[1]
Episode 25 Unicycle race
Episode 26 Design a costume for the jury members
Episode guide
Episode 20
Finale 1


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