During elimination, a tribal council is held for the teams/contestants that fell into the "danger zone". It is a show segment, and regularly is held after the contests. First, eliminated contestants would go into the TLC, then changed into the jury house, which is revealed to be the location of the jury in Episode 20.

Jury membersEdit

1. Blocky, 12th person voted out in episode 15
2. Firey, 13th person voted out in episode 16
Episode 17 has a viewer vote, where Coiny is eliminated as the 14th person voted out, and Leafy was eliminated as the 15th
3. Leafy, reeliminated as 16th, not rejoining
Banana quit his internship, and was promoted to TLC prison guard
4. Fries, eliminated as 17th
5. Match, eliminated as 18th
6. Ice Cube, 19th eliminated
7. Coiny, 20th eliminated
8. Rocky (evil), 21st eliminated
9. Tennis Ball, 22nd eliminated
10. Flower, 23rd eliminated
11. Gelatin, 24th eliminated, after the invasion
12. Basketball, 25th eliminated
Fries and Firey removed from jury, Eraser, Coiny, and Domino (a replacement for Ice Cube) joins

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